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  • What information should the dated pre-statement show and what is it used for?
    The dated pre-statement is an accounting document that the seller must provide to his future buyer when signing a sales agreement or a promise to sell. The dated pre-state comes into play when selling a property in joint ownership, whatever the property (apartment, house, garage, parking lot, cellar, storeroom, etc.). The dated pre-statement will resume the financial situation of the co-ownership and the co-owner. The purpose of this document is to inform your buyer about the condition and the management of the co-ownership. Your buyer will thus be able to have a good analysis of the financial situation of the co-ownership and know the possible works to be planned. Essential information that will allow him to include possible expenses in his budget.
  • What is the difference between dated status and pre-dated status?
    Dated pre-state is often confused with dated state. The dated pre-state comes at the time of the signing of a sales agreement or an agreement to sell, that is to say during the first meeting with the notary between the buyer and the seller. The dated state intervenes at the time of the signature of the authentic act. The dated statement is an official document that the co-ownership trustee must send to the notary before signing the authentic deed. Very precise, this document is governed by very strict regulations. The dated pre-statement, on the other hand, is not an official document. It is simply a set of information that the seller must provide to the buyer. It therefore does not need to be carried out by the trustee. The owner can perfectly constitute it by gathering the necessary data. Unlike the dated statement, the dated pre-statement is intended to provide the necessary information to the buyer so that he can commit with all the information necessary for his decision-making.
  • Is it mandatory to provide a pre-dated statement?
    Providing the dated pre-statement is indeed mandatory. The regulations (ALUR law) oblige the seller to give this document to the buyer before signing the sales agreement or the promise of sale. The precious document must therefore be given to him no later than the day of the signing of the sales agreement or the promise of sale. The buyer can agree to sign the sales agreement or the promise of sale without simultaneously receiving the document. Nevertheless, the withdrawal period (10 calendar days from the day after the first presentation) which applies to the preliminary contract (compromise or promise of sale) will only begin when the dated preliminary statement has been delivered to him.
  • Is the dated pre-state paying?
    Unlike the dated statement, which must be drawn up by the trustee and invoiced by the latter to the seller, there is no obligation to call on your trustee to draw up your dated pre-statement. You are therefore not obliged to pay for the dated pre-statement, you can choose to write it yourself, but the operation can quickly turn out to be risky and energy-intensive. As a selling co-owner, you are in theory able to gather all the elements contained in the dated pre-statement. For obvious reasons of saving time and peace of mind, you of course have the option of asking our expert team on the subject to take charge of producing this document. In fact, compiling the document can very quickly prove to be time-consuming and complicated if you do not know how to decipher the accounting documents transmitted by the co-ownership trustee.
  • La vente porte sur plusieurs lots de copropriété, dois-je payer un pré-état daté pour chaque lot ?
    Non. Heureusement, vous n’aurez pas à payer pour chaque lot individuellement. Le pré-état daté que nous vous fournissons porte sur l'ensemble des lots concernés par la vente, et le tarif appliqué est global pour l’ensemble de la vente.
  • Can the notary refuse the dated pre-state that you are going to send me?
    In accordance with article L721-2 of the Construction and Housing Code, your notary cannot oppose the fact that you do not call on your co-ownership trustee to draft the pre-statement dated . Thus, the notary is legally bound to accept the document that we will provide to you. If the latter is not aware of the existence of our service, do not hesitate to send him our contact details so that he can get closer to us and that we can thus reassure him about the professionalism of our service. .
  • What information do you need so that I can order my dated pre-statement?
    At PRE-ETAT-DATE-IMMO.FR there is no need to provide us with an endless list of documents, we simply invite you to send us the connection information for the extranet of your co-ownership and we will let's take care of the rest. You are thus freed from any complex or energy-intensive task.
  • What is the model of a pre-dated statement?
    Article L721-2 of the construction code specifies the various information that the dated pre-statement must contain. ​ Financial information The amount of current expenses of the provisional budget and expenses outside the provisional budget paid by the selling co-owner for the two accounting years preceding the sale. The overall status of unpaid charges within the syndicate and debt to suppliers. When the syndicate of co-owners has a works fund, the amount of the part of the works fund attached to the main lot sold and the amount of the last contribution to the fund paid by the selling co-owner for his lot. Amounts likely to be owed to the syndicate of co-owners by the purchaser. Information concerning the management of the co-ownership Copy of the co-ownership regulations. The minutes of the general meetings of the last three years. The summary sheet of the co-ownership. The notice of the rights and duties of the co-owners. Information concerning the state of the co-ownership The conclusions of the global technical diagnosis (DTG). The maintenance log of the building.
  • Where can I find my username and password allowing access to the extranet of my co-ownership?
    The Internet address of your condominium's extranet, your login ID and your password generally appear on your charge calls. If this is not the case, you can obtain this information on request from your co-ownership trustee. Indeed, since January 1, 2015, trustees must offer co-owners secure online access via an extranet to dematerialized documents relating to the management of the building.
  • Some documents are missing on my condominium extranet, how can I obtain them?
    You don't have to do anything because once the order has been placed, our service takes care of everything. We get in touch directly with your co-ownership trustee to obtain the missing information. So we relieve you of a process that can sometimes be tedious.
  • I have not received your email containing the dated pre-statement although the announced deadline has passed, what should I do?
    It is very likely that the email containing the dated pre-statement that we sent you is in your box entitled "SPAM" or "Undesirable". Remember to check the latter. If you still cannot find a trace of our email, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, we are at your disposal from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.
  • I play the role of intermediary can I order on your site without having to pay online?
    As a real estate professional (Real estate agent, Notary, Promoter, Property dealer, etc.), we offer you the possibility of ordering on our site without proceeding to online payment. An invoice containing our bank details will be sent to you at the same time as the dated pre-statement in order to allow you to pay by bank transfer. Payment by check made out to SAS PROMOTION IMMOBILIERE DU CENTER is also possible.
  • Is the dated pre-statement that you sent me modifiable once the order has been validated?
    If you have opted for the privilege formula, we undertake to modify the information of your dated pre-statement on simple request made by mail, telephone or email.
  • Is it possible to obtain an invoice following the order of your service?
    When ordering, an option allows you to request an invoice. However, if you have not validated the option when placing your order, we can send you an invoice on simple request sent by post, telephone or email.
  • En tant que professionnel de l'immobilier, ai-je droit à une offre d'essai ?
    Non mais vous pouvez tester notre service en optant pour la Formule Pro au prix remisé de 59,90 € T.T.C. soit environ 15% de remise par rapport au prix public appliqué aux particuliers. Mais sachez que quelque soit votre choix, nous essayer c’est nous adopter !
  • Pourquoi est-il préférable d'offrir un pré-état daté à vos clients vendeurs plutôt que les diagnostics ?
    Parce que c’est beaucoup plus original et inédit et qu'en plus cela vous reviendra moins cher.
  • Le paiement en ligne est-il sécurisé ?
    Votre paiement en ligne est réalisé via le système de paiement Stripe ou Paypal qui respectent les normes en vigueur sur la réglementation du commerce en ligne et offrent une sécurité optimum.
  • Combien de temps le pré-état daté est-il valable ?
    Tous nos pré-état datés sont valables 1 mois selon la réglementation en vigueur (Loi ALUR).
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